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Locomotive Ge 4/4 I 604 in St.Moritz

Year of construction: 1947 (modernized in 1991)
Power: 1176 kW
V max: 80 km/h
Manufacturer: SLM, BBC and MFO (reconstruction RhB)
Photographer: Klaus P. Canavan, 02-17-94

Detailed description

The locos of class Ge 4/4 I were renewed totally from 1986 to 1993. They got new engineer cabs, a new electrical equipment and a new painting scheme.
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Locomotive Ge 4/4 II 621 in Landquart

Year of construction: 1984
Power: 1648 kW
V max: 90 km/h
Manufacturer: SLM and BBC
Photographer: Klaus P. Canavan, 03-14-95

Detailed description

The class Ge 4/4 II is the universal loco of the RhB. They are used for passenger and freight trains.
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Locomotive Ge 4/4 III 641 in St. Moritz

Year of construction: 1993
Power: 2400 kW
V max: 100 km/h
Manufacturer: SLM and ABB
Photographer: Klaus P. Canavan

Detailed description

Class Ge 4/4 III locos were delivered in 1993. They consist of high tech and represent the modern way of construction locos. The 641 wears an advertising livery for the "Heidiland Bernina-Express".
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Ge 6/6 II 702 in Landquart station

Year of construction: 1958
Power: 1776 kW
V max: 80 km/h
Manufacturer: SLM, BBC and MFO
Photographer: Stefan Dringenberg, 08-23-93

Detailed description

701 and 702 are the prototypes of the Ge 6/6 II class. They got new engineer cabs in the beginning of the 90s.
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Railcar ABe 4/4 501 in Pontresina station

Year of construction: 1939
Power: 490 kW
V max: 70 km/h
Manufacturer: SWS, BBC and MFO
Photographer: Stefan Dringenberg, 08-25-93
These railcars are formerly known as "Flying Rhaetian". In the 40-50s they have done the passenger service between Chur and St. Moritz. Today only No. 501 is in service.
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