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Rhaetian Railway - Technical facts about Ge 4/4 II

Multi purpose main line locomotive of type Ge 4/4 II with power converter

To replace the aging electric locomotives class Ge 2/4, Ge 4/6 and Ge 6/6 I RhB ordered ten thyristor controlled high-performance locomotives with four axles. The commissioning of these vehicles designated Ge 4/4 II 611 - 620 was finished in 1973. The exterior of these locomotives is similar to the standard gauge locomotives class Re 4/4 II operated by SBB. The Ge 4/4 II is equipped with various special appliances to achieve an equally distributed axle load and thus a maximum use of the adhesion between wheel and rail.
A low cost version of RhB's Ge 4/4 II was built for FO (Ge 4/4 III 81 and 82) to haul car carrier shuttle trains through the Furka Basistunnel.
Due to an unexpected increase of rail traffic on the RhB network 13 additional units class Ge 4/4 II were ordered in 1982. Except for some minor -mainly electrical- modifications, these locomotives are almost identical to the first series. The commissioning of the second batch (Ge 4/4 II 621 - 633) in 1984/5 lead to a replacement of the traditional green livery of RhB locomotives by the modern red design that is still in use today. At the same time some historic locomotives were withdrawn from revenue service and banned from the RhB network.
Today the class Ge 4/4 II is also used to haul trains on the Arosa line.
RhB began to fit the Ge 4/4 II with new rectangular headlights that replace the round version in recent years.

Technical facts

Vehicle designation:Ge 4/4 II
Vehicle Nos:611 - 633
- mechanical parts:
- electrical parts:
Wheel arrangement:Bo'Bo'
Years of commissioning:1973 / 84-85
Number of vehicles:23
Max. speed:90 km/h
Gauge:1,000 mm
Length over buffer:12,960 mm
Overall width:2,650 mm
Mass in running order:50.0 t
Hauling load:
- ruling up-gradient:
185 / 245 t
4,5 / 3,5 %
Nominal catenary line voltage:11 kV, AC 16.7 Hz
Number of traction motors:4 (type 6 FHO 4338)
Max. rating at wheel rim:1,650 kW
Max. tractive effort at wheel rim:179 kN
Cont. tractive effort at wheel rim:117 kN
Transmission gear ratio:1 : 5.118
Bogie wheel base:2,300 mm
Diameter of wheels (new):1,070 mm

Vehicle names

Vehicle names
- 611:Landquart
- 612:Thusis
- 613:Domat / Ems
- 614:Schiers
- 615:Klosters
- 616:Filisur
- 617:Ilanz
- 618:Bergün / Bravuogn
- 619:Samedan
- 620:Zernez
- 621:Felsberg
- 622:Arosa
- 623:Bonaduz
- 624:Celerina / Schlarigna
- 625:Küblis
- 626:Malans
- 627:Reichenau - Tamins
- 628:S-Chanf
- 629:Tiefencastel
- 630:Trun
- 631:Untervaz
- 632:Zizers
- 633:Zuoz
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