Schynige Platte Railway - Description

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The SPB, opened in 1893 is a pure rack and pinion railway with a gauge of 800 mm. It connects the BOB Wilderswil station near Interlaken with the wonderful Schynige Platte overlook. Initially, this railway was powered by steam locos and at a very early stage became property of the BOB; in 1914, along with the BOB it was electrified using 1500 V direct current. Even today the SPB has managed to retain an endearing, old-fashioned appearance and only operates in summer. Small electric locos are used exclusively on this line, some of them acquired from the Wengernalp Railway along with some open and closed coaches which are built for coupling to the front of the loco. A steam locomotive is still kept in service for special group excursions. Some of the rolling stock is used on the WAB in winter to handle heavy seasonal tourist traffic.
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