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Rhaetian Railway - Vereina line - Operation

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The Vereina tunnel is 19,042 m long, which is is double-tracked at the portal areas and at the middle of the tunnel. These sections are 2 km long each. The tunnel is lined continuously with sprayed concrete. The cost of the complete project was approximately 800 million Swiss Francs in 1999.

'Neva Retica' shuttle train

In normal operation there are hourly pairs of trains between Landquart and Scuol as well as half- hourly car shuttle trains Selfranga-Sagliains. In spring 2000 the express train Engadin Star Landquart- Vereina- St.Moritz- Albula- Chur has been put in service. Not only passenger traffic, but also extensive goods traffic is directed towards the Engadine. Thus e.g. the "Coop" co-operative modified its distribution concept and uses now the Vereina line instead of trucks over Julier pass and Flüela pass.

The RhB has bought new vehicles for the increasing traffic: In September and October 1999 the Ge 4/4 III's 650-652 were delivered. These locomotives are part of a series that is already in service on the Main Car shuttle train in Selfranga Network since 1993. The car shuttle trains are consisted of especially developed transportation cars, which are operating in fixed compositions between Selfranga and Sagliains. The passenger trains are led mainly with the new coaches BDt 1751-1758.

In order to be prepared against possible emergencies, extensive changes of the existing vehicles were made. The cars received an emergency brake bypass, in order to be able to get a train out of the tunnel in an emergency case. At the portals rescue trains are stationed, which will be drawn by the service locomotives Gmf 4/4 242 and 243.

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