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Railcar ABDeh 4/4 301 in Innertkirchen

Year of construction: 1949
Power: 630 kW
V max: 70 km/h (adhesion), 35 km/h (cogwheel)
Manufacturer: MLM and BBC
Photographer: Stefan Dringenberg, 07-28-90
This railcar was rent by the Meiringen-Innertkirchen-Railway (MIB) since 1988. It was in duty till 1996, when it was replaced by the new MIB Be 4/4. After this the ABDEh was taken out of service.

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Railcar ABeh 4/4 305 in Interlaken

Year of construction: 1965
Power: 1000 kW
V max: 60 km/h (adhesion), 30 km/h (cogwheel)
Manufacturer: SLM, BBC and SIG
Photographer: Klaus P. Canavan, 03-23-96

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Railcar ABeh 4/4 313 in Wilderswil

Year of comstruction: 1986
Power: 1256 kW
V max: 70 km/h (adhesion), 40 km/h (cogwheel)
Manufacturer: SLM and BBC
Photographer: Klaus P. Canavan, September 1996

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Railcar ABeh 4/4 313 in Grindelwald

Photographer: Klaus P. Canavan, 04-07-96

With the four railcars a new paint scheme was introduced in 1986.

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Shuttle train in Grindelwald station

Photographer: Peter Schmid
The traffic on the BOB is done by shuttle trains. This trains run coupled from Interlaken to Zweilütschinen where they will be divided for their different destinations.
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