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Steam loco and railcars in Waldenburg

Photographer: Christian Zellweger

Form left to right: Steam engine G 3/3 5 "Gedeon Thommen", railcars BDe 4/4 I 3 and BDe 4/4 II 11

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Shuttle train with Be 4/4 II in Waldenburg

Year of construction: 1985
Power: 446 kW
V max: 75 km/h
Manufacturer: SWP and ABB
Photographer: Stefan Dringenberg, 07-20-96

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Train in Oberdorf

Photographer: Stefan Dringenberg, 07-20-96

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Railcar BDe 4/4 II

Photographer: WB

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Steering coach Bt

Photographer: WB

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Shuttle train in Niederdorf

Photographer: WB

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Two generations of railcars in Altmarkt

Photographer: WB

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