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Brienz-Rothorn-Bahn - Operation

The valley station of the BRB is situated directly opposite the station Brienz of the SBB Brünigbahn. Somewhat above it there are the depot and workshop as well as the supplying places such as coal shelters and water crane. Behind the station the lines rises on the average 22,5% along the Train H 2/3 2 nearby Brienz periphery of the village of Brienz to the crossing station Geldried. At the following section the traveler receives a wonderful view of Lake Brienz, which is not interrupted even in the 290 m long Planalpfluhtunnel because of its two window openings.

Near the Planalp station the line leaves the coniferous forest and crosses the timber line. All trains stop on the Planalp, in order to complete their stores of water there. In the main season there are up to six trains at the same time. Some of the passengers use the many moving ways, which offer a constant view of Lake Brienz.

New H 2/3 14 at Planalp

After the intermediate stop the line crosses a dam, which replaced the earlier Mühlebach bridge in 1962. The route now runs along the steep south slope, and achieves after a 180 turn the final destination Rothorn Kulm. From here a footpath leads up to the summit of the Rothorn. The mountain railway is in daily operation only in the summer months between June and October. The majority of the trains are headed by the steam locomotives H 2/3 1-7 as well as No. 12, 14 and 15. The diesel locomotives are used only for additional trains and light traffic periods. The travel time amounts to approx. 60 minutes, in which the trains will climb up 1.678 meters.

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