Narrow Gauge News 4th quarter 96


Appenzeller Railways

An old SBB Brünig-line passenger coach and two freight wagons were converted into a mobile class-room. The freight cars serve as dormitories, the passenger coach as a class-room. Solar pannels are used to feed the on-board equipment such as the kitchen facilities, the stereo set and some personal computers.


Blonay-Chamby Railway
Steam Train Furka Mountain Track

In October 1996 the Dampfbahn Furka Bergstrecke (Furka steam mountain section) and the historic railway Blonay-Chamby (BC) swapped their steam rotary snow-ploughs. Now Xrotd 6/6 9914 belongs to BC and Xrotd 9912 will be operated by the DFB.


Bernese Oberland Railways

A small section of the new double track line is in operation between Wilderswil and Zweilütschinen. During the winter season five green SBB Brünig-line passenger coaches were used as supplementary coaches on the BOB line. In exchange BOBís first-class coach A 181 was in use on the SBB network.


Rhaetian railway

The so called rhaetian crocodile locomotive Ge 6/6 I 413 has been scrapped. Only the units 411, 412, 414 and 415 remain in service on the main network.

The pullman coaches As 1141-1144 might have to be taken out of service. A committee is raising funds for the necessary rebuilding of these historic coaches. For further information please contact "Verein Pro Salonwagen RhB",Bahnhofstrasse 25, Postfach 662, CH-7002 Chur.

Two more locomotives of type Ge 4/4 III are used for advertising. 643 is painted white with advertisements for EMS-Chemie. 644 is advertising for Viessmann-Heiztechnik. 642 is still used as a mobile billboard. 641 is painted in a new Heidiland-Bernina-Express design.


Rigi Railway

The use of the historic steam locomotive No. 7 was very successful. 45 000 passengers were transported in 147 days. It is planned to use this vehicle again this summer.


SBB Brünig line

The word "Brünig" is painted on all SBB Brünig-line locomotives since October last year.


Berne Municipal Transport Authority
Tramway society Bern

On March 15th, 97 between 9:00 and 15:00 the depots and workshops of the SVB can be visited. Also the Tramway Society bern will be present with an own kiosk and historical vehicles. There are planned tours with bus No. 50.


Trogen Railway

The administrative council of the Trogener Railway has provisionally decided not to purchase three new self-propelled trainsets. At present, five two car units are in service which do not comply with patron requirements. Bids are now being called for two new trainsets which will lead to a delayed delivery of at least one year.

A new station is under construction in Trogen . At the same time, the alignment is being transferred from the highway to a separate one.


Wengernalp Railway

Four low-floor railcars BDt that will be used with the existing units BDhe 4/4 119-124 have been ordered. The coaches consist of two bodies and are equipped with three bogies.

Near the station Kleine Scheidegg, the railcar No. 134 was overturned on November 11, 1996 by a storm which raged with gusts of up to 150 km/h.


Eisenbahnamateur, Switzerland
Schweizer Eisenbahn-Revue, Switzerland
Own observations


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© 1997 by Lukas Haldemann, translated by Klaus P. Canavan, 03-02-97