Narrow Gauge News 2/1996 (April)


Steam railway Furka-Bergstrecke

In November 1990 the DFB got the rotary steam snowplug X rotd 9214 from the RhB. Because of the rack system on the line this snowplug canīt be used. The famous museum railway Blonay-Chamby also got a steam snowplug (X rotd 9212) in 1968, which is compatible with the DFB line, so both companies now want to exchange their machines. The difference between both is that 9214 has an special steam drive for moving the engine. It was formerly used on the Bernina line, whereas 9212 was used on RhB main network.



Two new railcars BDE 4/4 123 and 124 were delivered to the railways of Fribourg Gruyère-Fribourg-Morat. They were built by Vevey Technologies and ABB. They shall replace the old railcars Be 4/4 131 and 133, which were built in 1943.


Montreux-Oberland Bernois Railway

In January the RhB rented some vehicles from the GFM for solving large traffic problems. There were a large ski meeting in Lenk and a ballong happening in Château d'Oex. The MOB used the GFM railcars BDe 4/4 131 and 133 which will be out of duty in near future.

On Satudays there is an additional train called "Panoramic Express des neiges" between Montreux and Gstaad. It garantees connection to the TGV Paris-Brig.



Rhaetian Railway

In 1989 the Rhätia Incoming was founded, a company owned by the RhB, which creates special events for travel agencies. Now the RhB has founded Rhätia Tours make services for individual tourists. For 1996 they have planned 13 trips with steam pulled trains on the lines Landquart-Davos, Samedan-Scuol and Chur- Landquart- Davos- Filisur- Thusis- Chur. The trains will run only if enough tickets will be sold.

The "Rhaetian Crocodile" Ge 6/6 I has got back itīs second pantograph. The (second) pantographs were dismantled from all for running locos (411, 412, 414 and 415) last year. Because of the bad look of the engines and the protests of railway enthusiasts the decision was revised now.


Eisenbahn-Magazin, Germany
Schweizer Eisenbahn-Revue, Switzerland
Steam Railway Furka-Bergstrecke


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