Narrow Gauge News 3/1995 (November)


CEV - Chemins de fer Electriques Veveysans

The CEV have ordered four new railcars at Stadler Fahrzeuge AG. All in all they have to pay about 15 millions Swiss Francs. The first railcar shall be delivered in 1997. Stadler is the main manufacturer, some other parts, e.g. the bogies, are from VT, ABB and SLM.

LSE - Luzern-Stans-Engelberg Railway

The LSE has bought two steering coaches ABt 201-202 from the Regionalverkehr Bern-Solothurn (RBS). Now they are known as Abt 131-132 and are used for shuttle trains on the valley line.

At Juli 5th the LSE got "green light" for the reconstruction of their rack line to Engelberg. Only 20 % of the inhabitants were against that project.

MOB - Montreux- Oberland Bernois Railway

The MOB renews the formerly as "Superpanoramic-Express" know train. All coaches get a new colour design, similar to taht of the "Crystal-Panoramic-Express". From Juli, 8th this coaches shall build the new "Golden-Panoramic-Express".

From the RhB the service railcar Xm 2/2 9913 was bought. It will be used for maintaining the overhead wire and is now know as MOB Tm 4.

After delivery of the new Ge 4/4 8001-8004 locos (similar to the new locos of BAM and RhB) this machines are in duty since the new time table.

The steering coaches Ast 116 and 117 (formerly part of the Super- Panoramic- Express) were renewed in the last months. They have got the design of the new Pininfarina coaches Ast 153/154, which can be found in the Crystal- Panoramic- Express.

RhB - Rhaetian Railway - Bellinzona-Mesocco

As little sensation you can see the first public person transport on the rest of the BM on June, 3rd/4th. This was the first time since more then 20 years that passengers could use the railcars. In 1972 the normal passenger traffic has been stopped. Only goods trains could be watched on the line Castione-Arbedo-Cama. Maybe this is a good sign for that line ?

RhB - Rhetian Railway - Chur-Arosa-Line

In June some normal coaches of the Main Network stayed some days on the Chur- Arosa- Line. They were needed to check if it is possible to use them on this line. Normally there are only shorter coaches in duty.

RhB - Rhetian Railway - Main Network

On 13th of June the Landquart-Davos line of the Main Network was closed in cause of a landslide at the Trittobel bridge. Until the 1st of July, when a auxiliary bridge was mounted, the whole (rail) traffic between Chur and Davos was interrupted. The passenger trains were replaced by busses between K&uum;blis and Klosters station. Freight trains have had to use the Albula line.

SBB - Brünig Railway

The SBB got some new service wagons which are based on old luggage wagons. They are used as kitchen for maintaining teams (X 9970/71) and as tool magazine (X 9963-65). The wagons got a new design with special logos, which will show up the purpose of them.
Sources: Eisenbahn-Magazin (Germany), Schweizer Eisenbahn-Revue (Switzerland)
Copyright © 1995 Stefan Dringenberg, Nov 1st, 1995